Yes...we will work with your choice of hosting, BUT...we have been hosting websites for 15 years so if you'd like to know who we recommend after that much experience...have a look at our 2 preferred options for a rock solid foundation for your website.

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Option 1

Superior managed WordPress hosting through our hosting plans with Flywheel - our preferred option for hosting and maintaining your digital assets.

Eliminate maintenance and security worries with managed WordPress hosting. The all important site security, speed, updates, and backups are more solid when handled at the hosting level. 

We've partnered with Flywheel to offer you the best hosting and web maintenance options for the best price anywhere.

The little extra you spend on hosting saves you time, money, and worry in maintaining your own site…investing in website maintenance it’s like choosing to not service your own car…

Option 2

Independently host your website on shared hosting - we use and recommend Dreamhost for entry level basic sites.

We offer free hosting panel support and WordPress installation when you set up your website hosting account with Dreamhost.  There are 2 economical plan options available:

*Prices may change - head over to Dreamhost for all features and current pricing and special offers.

Our WebCare maintenance plan covers everything not included in a shared hosting account so you can leave it to us and get on with business.

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...but did you do the math??...We love Dreamhost for entry level hosting but for peace of mind our new Flywheel plans might make more sense...


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