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5 Reasons Why You Need a Website as Well as Your Facebook Page

5 Reasons Why You Need A Website (Poster)

5 Reasons Why You Need a Website as Well as Your Facebook Page

Social media is a game-changer when it comes to scaling your business's online presence. In fact, up until now, Facebook is still the most popular platform used by most businesses. According to Oberlo, as of 2021, there are about 2.80 billion monthly active users on Facebook. Imagine that, whew!

Yup, it might be tempting to host your online presence simply on a Facebook business page especially in the early stages of growth... hell yeah!... it's free and easy to set up and you know that your potential customers are hanging out on Facebook. But the thing is if you're thinking of making your business bigger, and more credible (which you should be!!!), think twice about your decision to rely solely on Facebook or any social media account for that matter.

Let me share 5 important reasons why you also need to have your own website.


#1 You Own Your Website

Having your own identity makes your brand stands out. If you have a website, you'll have your own domain name, and you get to decide every detail of your business that you want to showcase. The possibilities are limitless. It's your own home, your own place! Isn't it more empowering and motivating to play by your own rules?

And for the record, you don't own your Facebook page or your fans.  If Facebook decided to shut down (or shut you down for sharing your personal beliefs) you would lose everything you’ve worked so hard for. Now I hear you saying that Facebook won't shut down…it’s just too big...but MySpace was big once too!  And I know you're saying that you don't push boundaries like that, but sometimes it can be just a simple misunderstanding.

Another problem is poor customer service on their end so when something goes wrong…your page could be down or removed and you’ll remain in limbo for quite some time. Basically, you have no control of this platform whatsoever.


#2 Your website is customisable

Through a well-designed website, you can have full control of making it the best representation of your brand values, offerings, and individuality. It's also an avenue for your customers to have a better understanding of your brand.

Yeah, you can customise your Facebook page in little ways but the reality is it's not designed for YOUR business and it is totally out of alignment with your message and branding unless you are Facebook itself.  Fonts, colours, and page layout is THEIR look - not yours. You'll never be able to promote your business brand and culture fully with Facebook alone.


#3 Your website is more SEO-friendly

"Google it!" is a very common expression nowadays. You hear it from everyone all the time...90% of the time we go to Google not Facebook.

Facebook is limited in when it comes to SEO (search engine optimisation) and online reach.  People aren't going to find you on Facebook when they Google for a product or service they’re looking for.  And have you tried searching on Facebook for something or someone?!?! …sometimes it works…a lot of the time it sucks!

So if you're thinking of increasing your visibility on Google, an optimised website is your answer!




#4 Your website provides more credibility


A study conducted by Weebly stated that "56% of the consumers surveyed said they don’t trust a business without a website". Indeed, a website positions you as a legitimate business.

And with that, Facebook will never give you and your business the credibility that the website does.  Think about it… when you're looking to do business with someone you don't know, how solid do they look if they only have a Facebook presence? How do you feel when you can't gauge whether to do business with somebody or not because you can't find their website…?



#5 Not everybody is on Facebook



Believe it or not, not everybody is on Facebook! Guess how many people in the world do NOT have a Facebook account?!?! ..ok…Google it…it’s in the billions!  And then there are the people taking ‘breaks’ and walk away for ‘quality of life’ reasons or because ‘their parents’ are on it.





Just to be very clear, we're not saying Facebook is bad for your business, it should absolutely be part of your kit but not your online place of business (unless you are a simple hobby business and plan to stay that way). Think of it as just a bonus extra…it is free after all….and it takes ten minutes to set one up.

There are lots of benefits to using Facebook in conjunction with your website, email marketing, and other platforms. It will most likely extend your online reach significantly.  Look at your website as your business online and Facebook as a marketing avenue to share, connect, promote your products and services, and bring people back to your website.

How do you know if you need a Facebook page as well as a website?  Is that where your customers are hanging out??… that's the answer…

Yes…my business is on Facebook…and I love Facebook marketing…but I love websites more. 😉

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