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The Front Page Formula

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The Front Page Formula


Your front page is your “online shopfront” first impression.


Everyone is busy and when a visitor lands on your site they are spending just a few seconds to scan your content with 3 questions in their mind:

• What do you offer?
• What does it do?
• Who is it for and is it relevant to me?

But there’s actually a 4th question…

• Why should I care?


The 4th question is the tipping point…what do you offer that is different and better than anyone else…that will make a visitor care about being on your site…like...a free trial of services...or freebies/discounts offered?...something that makes them realise that it's easier for them to stay on your site than to keep searching.

The 3 things every potential customer is looking for before (the 'why should I care') they’ll do business with you are:

1. A GUIDE to help them
2. With a SOLUTION to their problem
3. And a PLAN to follow


You need to show the that you are the guide they are looking for, with the solution to their problem and a plan for them to follow.


The point here is not to create your homepage with you or your business as the hero of the day…you need to be their Guide…and let them be the hero….it’s all about them and their journey.


The solution must be for both the internal and external problems that they have…many businesses only offer solutions to the external issue…

Rather than describing the important things they need, talk about the things that are important to them…the solutions they want (what they need is important…but it’s too much information)!


Reach out to your customers at their level…where they are at now….not from your level of experience. Don’t talk over their heads. Talk about how their life will be better by working with you…that’s what they want to know.

For example, our potential clients need help with content creation, so we provide ideas and inspiration in that area through free guides and blog posts (hint: this one!). All the way we speak from a place that lets you know that we understand where you are in relation to your current website woes. We want to help you eliminate the brain freeze and confusion around your digital marketing dilemmas.

So, when they see you as a guide, and feel understood, they will trust your plan. The first step in the plan will be to take action. Tell them what to do, and what to expect next…the next steps towards their goals.

Don’t lose your hard earned traffic because of unclear or too complex content. You’ve only got 7 seconds max to grab their attention. Write at least 200 - 300 words…that's good for Google and your customer as they go back to read in more depth after you have piqued their interest in their first 7 second visual scan. Use bullet points and small paragraphs and leave technical details for another page.


  • You're the Guide - They're the Hero
  • Put the first 3 questions into 1 or 2 sentences (What do you offer? What does it do? Who is it for?)
  • Position yourself as the Guide with the Solution and the Plan to follow.


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