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Do I Need a Website?

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Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur or a long-term business owner, I bet that when it comes to marketing your products or services, the first platform that comes to mind nowadays is social media…(unless you're old school and still advertising in the newspaper!)

Well, I can’t blame you because it's easy, and it's what everyone is doing right now...and some people are doing it very successfully. The problem is that a lot of business owners are putting in the effort, but aren't getting the results they expect. They’re all over social media but forget to invest in that one solid platform that they can actually call their own.

If you're thinking "I just use Facebook...all my clients find me there"... FYI, you have no control of Facebook, they can shut you down and you have very little communication or negotiation if they do (obviously most businesses will not be violating their terms and conditions, but as we have seen in 2020, they make their own rules and decisions and sometimes they make no sense).


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Did you know that according to SWEOR research "75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website?" As you can see consumers are looking further afield for credibility… yes, they can find you on different social media channels but the next step they take is to search for your website so that they can get a feel for who you are and whether they can really really trust you.

So if you’re planning to scale your is the time to sort out your website. Give your audience what they need and available...and don't forget...not everyone is on Facebook or Instagram either!!!

Here are some of the stand out benefits of taking the plunge:

It is cost-efficient

People are always on the lookout for instant info and results nowadays, that means Googling...and having a website gives them what they want and need. So instead of doing the old-school way of promoting your business where a lot of time and money needs to be invested, why not innovate and communicate digitally while spending less?

As I've said, your website is your home in the digital world. You can showcase everything that you want to. Let the world know your products, services, contact information, your story and what you stand for, and other valuable information. And from then on, updating and expanding your online information is simple.


Provides a 24/7 Service

Unlike you, your website never sleeps! Potential customers can search for it any time of the day or night. Your business may be closed after 5pm, but with your website they can still find out about you and buy online or place an order at midnight if they choose!

What if a customer is trying to decide on buying a product that you sell, and you don't have a site they can go to? Definitely a missed opportunity there!


Builds Credibility

As mentioned earlier, based on research...customers are looking for credibility through business websites. The more visible you become to them online, the more you'll gain their trust.

Not only is a website your best opportunity to showcase what you've got, it shows everyone that you're a legitimate, professional, and trustworthy business that can provide the products and services they need!!! As well as presenting who you are and what you have to offer, your testimonials and reviews add an invaluable section of your website, and it is the only platform that you have full control of how you present them.


Brand Control

So are your company colours the same as Facebook blue??...probably not. Even though your logo and company colours are just part of your brand, the whole look and feel of Facebook and Instagram is their story...strong and loud.

What exactly is branding anyway?  It's one of your greatest’s who you are and what it is about your and/or your company that sets you apart from everyone else in the marketplace. It’s your story, your personality and uniqueness, your company culture, your ‘why’…why you do what you do and what it is about your company that makes you the best choice in a crowded marketplace. 

Can you see how it's not possible to do that on a social media platform?


Generates Sales

With your website, generating sales becomes a limitless opportunity. You can choose to sell products and services to everyone wherever they are in the world! This technology just keeps getting better and better, so you'd better get on board and keep up if you want your business to scale!

Not only can you make money while you sleep, did you know that a third of shoppers look online for cheaper prices when in physical store!  According to Australia Post, in 2020, 9 million households shopped online - that's 82% of all Australian households.



Do you need a website? It's a big YES and you need it now more than ever!!!

I hope I have answered some of your questions, and if you realise that it's time but you're concerned about the next steps, we've got you's your options:



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